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Nick Gullo is an internationally published author and photographer. In addition to these full-time endeavors he has acted on the television drama, Kingdom, served as a long-running commentator for EBI (elite Jiu jitsu competition), and for the briefest time appeared on the reality show Looking For A Fight. Now putting the finishing touches on a novel. Born in New Orleans, he dealt craps on riverboats before receiving both an MBA and a law degree from Tulane University. Plus, studied creative writing at the University of New Orleans, UCLA, and in numerous workshops.

His photos and ramblings have graced ViceMaximDetails and numerous other outlets. Best of all, he's a self-professed geek -- for graphic novels [e.g. Blackhole Patience], and especially fiction. Top of his list are Thom Jones' short story collection The Pugilist At Rest, Junot Diaz's The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, and Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake.

Nick lives in Newport Beach with his very patient wife (1st grade teacher and artist), and their snarky daughter (loves gummy worms). 

Both the podcast and his writing reflect the Zen maxim: 'Be good to all you encounter on this split-second journey and the rest will figure itself out.'

He's an avid surfer and skateboarder and takes regular (very public hahaha) beatings on the jiu jitsu mats.

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Lost his tooth in a surfing accident. An implant led to six months of infection, during which time (when he couldn't wear a 'flipper') he filmed a few hilarious UFC video blogs with childhood friend Dana White. The monicker stuck. The implant didn't. His wife and soulmate didn't care, so why should he?

Truth is, fans identified with the self-deprecating and gonzo 'character'. 

And from Nick's perspective, all of us create false online characters--posting only flattering photos, highlighting the best parts of our lives--so why not flip the script and toy with the illusion? Or better yet, give others a reason to laugh and forget their troubles. 

As with most writers, Nick craves the simple life: time with his wife and daughter, riding his bike around Newport Beach, surfing, and training jiu jitsu with his extended family at the Art of Jiu Jitsu.  









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Looking For a Fight

Joined the cast of the UFC reality show Looking For a Fight. 

The show was a minor hit, but from filming the first episode it became clear the situation wasn't a healthy fit, so Nick left. 

Over the past few years Nick has spoken with hundreds of fighters. Inspired by an early interview with Lyoto Machida, wherein the zen master explained that life's paths fork along yin/yang lines representing the outward and inward journey--and a student may traverse both simultaneously, or not--Nick decided to take the high road in explaining his departure. 

Overall, as with most experiences, an incredible learning opportunity.

If you want details listen below: