Sorry to Bother You

Magic surrealism... absurdist scifi... afrocentric fantasy... 

All good descriptions of Sorry to Bother You, yet none will prepare for the madness once those lights dim. 

Cassius "Cash" Green lives in his uncle's garage in Oakland, California. Struggling to pay bills, he accepts a job at a telemarketer. Calling white folks results in click after click... until fellow cubicle-dweller Danny Glover instructs Cash to use his 'white voice.'  That's when the fun starts. When Cash finds success and gets promoted to the upper floor, where the best of the best sell weapons of mass destruction, indentured servants and **********.

I'm not going to spoil anything, just think: Being John Malkovich meets Get Out.  If you dig Charlie Kaufman you will lose your mind. 

Absurdist surrealism is a tough nut to crack. And crack it, writer/director Boots Riley does. Hats off. The Walmart discount dvd section is littered with box office bombs: see Richard Kelly's Southland Tales.

A must see 10/10

Nick Gullo