Paper Girls

Brian K. Vaughan is a creative genius. Nothing new there. Along with writing on the tv show Lost, and creating the graphic novel series Y: The Last Man and also Saga--anything he's involved in, I'm game.

So when Paper Girls, dropped, I rushed Hi De Ho comics for my copy. 

Whoa doesn't begin to describe it. 

In the wee hours of the morning after Halloween, circa mid-80s, we join a gang of 12 year old girls delivering newspapers in their suburb when  


an invasion from the future engulfs the town. Chaos reigns. The girls, of course, travel here and there, fighting enemies at every turn and encountering strange gizmos from the future, all while trying to make sense of the warring factions and a God-like old man tasked with keeping the fabric of space time from ripping apart. 

Time travel: check

80s nostalgia: check

Dinosaurs: check

But it's the girls and the snarky-yet-highbrow tone that keep me pining for the next issue.

IMO the best BKV yet. 

Nick Gullo